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Robert Aitken, artistic director

Linda Bouchard Podcast

Paul Steenhuisen’s interview with composer Linda Bouchard is available here: http://www.soundlabnewmusic.com/linda-bouchard/

Includes music samples and a discussion of Bouchard’s pieces
Murderous Little World, Identity Theft, Flocking, and her research project Live Structures.

Reviews roundup

PDF versions of press reviews from the 2017-18 season:

2017.12.01 David Jaeger WholeNote Article.pdf

2017.12.03 Concertos review, Globe and Mail, Russell Smith

2018.01.14 Concertonet.com Kammerkonzert review

Roger Reynolds Podcast

Paul Steenhuisen’s interview with composer Roger Reynolds is available here: http://www.soundlabnewmusic.com/roger-reynolds/

Juliet Palmer Podcast

The latest SOUNDLAB interview with composer Juliet Palmer is available here.

Review our Kammerkonzert event

ConcertoNet reviews our Kammerkonzert event of January 15, 2018