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Robert Aitken, artistic director

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New Music Concerts traverses the country and travels the globe to uncover creators of thrilling new works — new musical inventions that provoke, awaken and inspire. It’s a fantastic musical journey that knows no bounds and you, as a member of our ever-expanding circle of friends, are among our greatest travel companions.

We are all in this new music venture together, investing in today’s innovators to spark imaginations for tomorrow. Today, we need your help in a big way. The collective impact of individual donations from friends of new music makes all the difference between us making it, or breaking it.

New Music Concerts are big undertakings. With the dozens of musicians and hundreds of hours of preparation required it is simply not possible to cover expenses through ticket sales and sponsorships. Last season the average cost of mounting one of our self-produced events was $34,500. Even with full houses the artistic and production expenses would have amounted to $125 per person: $100 above our average ticket price – but the rewards are immeasurable, as you know if you were at any of those events. 

We are thankful for the support we receive from arts councils at all three levels of government, but our funders’ resources are being stretched ever more thinly and our grants are based on our ability to raise funds from the private sector. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Michael and Sonja Koerner, Roger D. Moore, and the foundations without whom we would simply cease to exist. But it is the support from individuals that really keeps us going. Considering the value of new music to you, and to our creative culture, we urge you — please make a tax receiptable charitable donation. Download our donation form and become a Friend of New Music Concerts.

Thank you so much for your support today, for tomorrow!

New Music Concerts is a registered
Canadian Charitable Organization
Number 11905 6448 RR 0001
203 – 157 Carlton St.
Toronto ON M5A 2K3
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